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Women and Tattoos


Tattoos are no longer available for bikers, soldiers, and other types of tough males, on the other hand, tattoos for women have become a norm like tattoos for men. They do not only decorate celebrities’ body, but also women, starting from professionals until homemaker, have tattoos.

women tattoosHistory for Women Tattoos

One of the most famous women with tattoo was Betty Broadbent. Started around 1927, she began her career with Ringling Bros Barnum and Bailey Circus. Betty was one of the first women to have full tattoos on her body, and also one of the first women that would be tattooed using the new electrical tattoo machine. Tattoos all over her body was inked by a New York artist named Charlie Wagner, and after getting tattoos all over her body, she showed the tattoos during the circus show. She received a little money and also reputation. Finally, Betty became a tattoo artist and mastered it until she retired in 1967.

There are other women with tattoos that made tattoo became more popular among women. While other tattoos remained at circus arena, some others went into modeling and others went into entertainment.

Feminine Tattoos

Many tattoo fans see flowers as tattoos for women, though flower tattoos were firstly tattooed on men. Butterfly, fairy, and dragonfly are main tattoos for women. However, some women push themselves away from those gentle images and decide to get tattoos that are usually inked on men. These tattoos include skull, snake, dragon, and other images that are commonly seen on men.

Other types of women tattoos are men oriented tattoos but have been given some women’s elements. Some women can choose to have dragon tattoo, for instance, but applying some colors that it has more dominant female elements. Other examples are fire (by using purple and pink colors, not the traditional red and yellow) and skull that has flowers arranged in some design.

Tattoo Placement on Women

While there are women who have been tattooed all over their bodies, it can’t be denied that there are some parts that are more popular and inked more often than other parts. The areas are:

  • Lower back : this unique area for women tattoos is perfect to display a tattoo with low-rise jeans, because this area rarely shrinks due to aging. However it must be put in mind that women who are getting tattoos on this area are sometimes called with unpleasant nicknames; such as ‘tramp stamp’.

  • Leg : getting a tattoo exactly above your foot is a simple way to add sensuality on that area. Men rarely get tattoos on this area; making a clear differentiation that it is meant for women.

  • Nape : women with long hair might find that nape is an interesting area for a tattoo. This tattoo can be hidden easily when you roll your hair down, and display it again when you roll your hair up. However, you must remember that when you have a tattoo here and decide that you want to have short hair, then you lose the ability to cover up your tattoo.

  • Upper back and shoulder : upper back gives you a wide canvas but still can be hidden easily for women who want larger tattoos and do not want to be labeled as ‘tramp stamp’. Using both shoulders also add some symmetry on the design.

Times have changed, but there are still people who judge women with tattoos. However, this ‘judgment’ will eventually become smaller as the number of women with tattoos increase. Do you prefer to have something small and simple or something big, complex and want to display it all the time, do not feel worry with what other people say about your tattoo. Every time someone who sees your tattoo disagree, or consider that it is uncommon for a respected woman to have a tattoo, think of all the smart and lovely women who walk on this earth with tattoos on their body.



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