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Ankle Tattoos


There are many good locations on your body for tattoos; ankle tattoo is one of the most popular ones among them. Ankle tattoos, along with arm, hip and shoulder tattoos, is very common among women.

What are Ankle Tattoos?

Ankle tattoos are commonly considered as any tattoos inked on the lowest part of ankle, all the way down to the leg. Tattooed above foot, a little farther up on the calves with bones (medically known as ‘talus’), causes less pain than foot area because this area tends to have more meat and you can also get larger design compared to the leg and foot itself. Tattoos placed on certain points on calves are usually called leg tattoos.

women ankle tattoosGetting Ankle Tattoos

Getting a tattoo on your ankle can sometimes make it more difficult to get one. You must be able to lie down on the chair so the tattoo artist can reach your leg, and it might be painful because there is less ‘cushion’ above your bones. Besides, getting a tattoo on this area may cause less blood compared to other areas of the body. Get ready to lift your feet if swelling, irritation or bleeding happens; and don’t walk around too much after getting this tattoo. The higher the tattoo is placed on your calf the better it is because your calf tends not to get any wrinkles; so this is something that you need to remember.

After Care

Like other tattoos, ankle tattoos after care is important. Make sure you keep your new tattoo protected from elements using ointments. Two recommended ointments are “Tattoo Goo” and “Balsem Bag”. Use loose pants or stocking on the first week while waiting your tattoo to fully recover (and don’t use boots!). Wearing tight clothes might scratch your new tattoo that it can cause extra peeling and colors fading. Keep your ankle tattoo from direct sunlight if possible. If it’s not possible, at least use sun screen.

Ideas for Ankle Tattoos

There are many women who choose to have ankle tattoos because these tattoos can be displayed or covered easily with your clothes. Most of the times, socks are the one thing you need to hide your tattoos. Women also prefer using shoes and clothes that reveal this area (especially during summer). Therefore ankle is a good place to get a tattoo if you want to emphasize your leg.

Because ankle tattoos are more feminine, there are many women who choose to have girly type of designs there; including flowers, butterflies, fairies, and hearts.


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