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Belly Button Tattoos


Belly button has become a good spot to have a round symmetrical tattoo. Though this is a sensitive area that can cause pain compared to other spots, belly button can be hidden easily by wearing clothes. Some designs even work better on your belly button compared to others. If you think of getting a belly button tattoo, consider different designs and meanings.

belly button tattoosBelly Button Tattoo Designs

Some designs are very popular for belly button because these designs are tattooed more often than in other areas. However, it doesn’t mean that you have limited options for your belly button tattoos; the options are unlimited, the same as other tattoos. Here are some popular designs that you can consider for your belly button:

Sun design can work well around belly button because of its circular and symmetrical shape. You can make it more beautiful by adding some lights shining around it. This can be done in different style; including tribal.

Though it is not circular, star has its own symmetrical. You can get a star with different points, starting from 4 points and even more as you like. Find a star design with different points on clipart collections. You may not want to choose a tattoo from this collection, but they can be an inspiration for any design you choose for your tattoo.

Astrology Design
Because of its hyper-symmetrical design for astrology signs, many people choose to have their star-signs for their belly buttons. Consider the most basic image of your star-sign or something more decorative.

Butterfly tattoos are not only for ankle. Many people choose butterfly to be tattooed above or below belly button. Women are interested with this traditional tattoo and sometimes they get butterfly combined with skull to make it more graceful.

Belly Button Piercing

The same as someone who gets a ring tattoo around their finger, many women get a ring tattoo on their belly buttons as if they are pierced on their belly buttons. A tattoo on this area is possibly more difficult and more painful compared to a piercing. However, there are women who dislike piercings; therefore they prefer to have a tattoo. If you are one of these people and wanted to have a piercing on your belly button; ring tattoo might be the best option for you.

Planning and Getting Your Belly Button Tattoos

Like any tattoos, discuss your choices with tattoo artist before you get it. Your tattoo artist might have some suggestions for design and placement that you’ve never thought of before. This step is very important for tattoos in unique area such as belly button tattoos. Go visit your tattoo artist with your ideas and listen to his opinion about the design.


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