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Chest Tattoos


For both men and women, chest tattoos provide them with a popular way to display your favorite body art. This large canvas area marks that you can show more designs than other areas.

About Chest Tattoos

If you want a design that requires large canvas; chest is a great location for you to consider. You can show your art work each time you think that this is the right time to show it. Chest tattoos can also be covered up easily using shirt or other types of clothes.

women chest tattoosChest Tattoos Culture

In Japan, tattoos are more common than in United States or other European countries. At first, it was related with yakuza or Japanese mafia, with body covered by tattoos known as horimono that goes all the way to chest area. Chest tattoos are often considered unique because tattoo artists usually don’t cover the middle part of the chest. Leaving the middle part bare in horimono means that men can unbutton some of their shirts and do not show their tattoos.

The Maori tribe is also known with their chest tattoos through rituals. This tribe is the most well known for their face tattoos. This type of tattoo has circular design and can be lengthened down to the neck and chest.

Women Chest Tattoos

While chest tattoos are commonly found on men – since it is easy to draw large tattoos such as ship, religious tattoos and other complex designs – women can also have tattoos inked on their chest. Breast tattoos are very popular among women, and small tattoos are often seen on women’s cleavage in all parts of society. It is very easy to cover up, especially on women, who do not often walk around with no clothes on. Women chest tattoos can be very sensual for their spouses. The nature of its privacy on women’s chest means that the image tattooed here probably does not want to be placed in other places – popular themes for women chest tattoos including someone’s name, heart, flower, butterfly, and other feminine images.

The large skin canvass on your chest means that you have more options for your chest tattoo design. Let your wild imagination drives you! Remember that you can always add more image to your existing tattoos, so if you choose to have a chest tattoo with a small image, you can add more images later.


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