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Facial Tattoos


Decide to get tattoo on the body is a big decision but to get it on face can be a serious commitment – which you can not deny easily then. The facial tattoos are very visible and difficult to hide them and it is maybe the reason why most people want to get their first tattoo on face. People who have facial tatoo are usually motivated by using their body to state that they can not stop from made of the art of body. Sometimes it is just a state of rebel but in the other side it can be an honest will to push out the edges and thought of people so they are able to open their mind for something new.

What ever the reasons for someone to experience the art of face, but one thing for sure that it rises some reactions from others who do not interest to experience it. Although the facial tattoos have been the common thing for centuries in society, the modern society still can not able to accept and adapt with that. Someone who has facial tattoo may realize that she/he are the center of people looking whereever she/he goes and  rising reactions from others such as positive or negative reactions who really want to know about the facial tattoos.

women facial tattoosUnwillingness from Tattoo Artist

After think about getting some facial tattoos, the next challenge is to find the tattoo artist who will paint it for you. In fact is there are many tattoo artists refuse to tattoo someone’s face because they do know the risks by doing such a thing :

  1. The regret of customer who has been painted. That is the top reason on the tattoo artists’ list why they will refuse to tattoo the face, no matter how many times you think to tattoo your face so badly until you get through from beginning to the end of process  you will never know how you react to its result. There is no tattoo artists want to be responsible for customer’s bad choice.
  2. The muscles on face are more complicated and difficult to be tattoo than the other certain part of body suc as arms, legs or torso. Many tattoo artists try to not paint the face because it is difficult for them to predict the result as they want and not only that, it also impacts their reputation as the tattoo artist.
  3. Facial tattoos will caught too much sun light especially in the day and they will disappear quickly, so mostly the tattoo artists suggest their customer to touch-up the tattoo. But, in the other side if the ink has to be refresh then it is possible to make a wound. Once again, the tattoo artists do not want to be involved for your tattoo’s problem.
  4. Even if you love your tattoo so much, you still consider that there are people will not like it at all and they have influence to your life and they are may your boss, law enforcement officer, family, your spouse and anyone around you. Many tattoo artists concern about their client and know that when they tatoo their client face it means a change of somebody’s life and it is not always good, so there is no wonder why many of them try to not get into it.

Facial Tattoo Designs

Let’s say that finally you find a tattoo artist who will to tattoo your face, then the next step is you have to decide the kind of masterpiece you like to have on your face and the choice are such as :
- Tribalism design, this design is a traditional design using black ink tattoo.
- Harquus, this kind of facial tattoo using by the women in North Africa and Middle East area.
- Moko, this a facial design of traditional Maori ethnic and consider as the representation of Maori ethnic itself.
- Extreme tattoo, this is usually cover most of the face and can be imaginative design.
- Cosmetic tattoo, this is intentionally design as the permanent make-up such as eyeliner, lipstick, etc.

Laser for Facial Tattoo Erasing

When you realize that you do not like your new tattoo at all, you still can decide to erase it. The tattoo erasing by using laser has a good progress of its development and the last is Q-switched laser. This laser can spread the ink of tattoo into small particles then throw out the body with liquid of it. But the result is not always perfect, the scar of tattoo on your arm may be fine but if it on your face then it is going to be a disaster.

It is just one reason to think about seriously before you get the permanent tattoo ink on your face.

A Suggestion

If you are serious to tattoo your face, first thing you should do is get the temporary tattoo on it before you get the real one.

Choose your own design and find the henna tattoo artist to paint some temporary tattoos on your face and then live with those tattoos for several weeks. When it slowly disappear from your face at least you have known the reaction to your facial art from people around you. It will be better if you decide that permanent tattoo ink is not the good one for your face, but the experience of having some temporary tattoos on your face can strength your commitment to choose only one or some permanent tattoos.


henna and jagua temporary body tattoos


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