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Thigh tattoo is one of the latest trends in the world of tattoos. There are many designs for this type of tattoo; however, it is important to know the meaning of the design when it is tattooed on your thigh.

The hype on tattoo will never fade; in fact it increases each time a new design enters the market. Previously, only new designs could create the hype, but now, new tattoo spots create more hype than new designs. Arm tattoos, back tattoos, and wrist tattoos have become a very common thing now. Lips tattoos and thigh tattoos are something that can create fame instantly! However, they also have their pros and cons. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of thigh tattoos, followed by some designs for thigh tattoos.

thigh tattoosWhy Thigh Tattoos?

This tattoo is not a common one. People usually get thigh tattoos because they are easy to hide. There are many places, especially in companies where tattoos are not allowed, therefore tattoo lovers choose location such as the thigh where tattoo can be hidden easily. This is one advantage of having a thigh tattoo; however, there is also one weakness. Though tattoo is a permanent thing, it has a tendency to loosen up. Therefore if you have decided to get a thigh tattoo, there is a possibility that your tattoo will loosen up as you gain weight. On the other hand, thigh tattoo also has longer age because it never gets any direct sunlight. Therefore there is an advantage and weakness of this tattoo that makes people must consider carefully before getting one.

Thigh Tattoo Designs

Thigh provides a relatively large canvas, so before thinking about the design; decide whether you want a small or a big tattoo. It’s just that one small tattoo will not look good on thigh, therefore choose a big one.

Tribal Tattoos
Tribal art is the first choice for thigh tattoo mainly because of its wide design and thick black ink. There are many designs available in tribal tattoos, starting from flowers until dragons, so you can choose based on your preference. Tribal tattoos can look good on inner or outer part of the thigh.

Floral Designs
Flower tattoo is the most popular tattoo on every area! Usually because our space is limited, we have to be satisfied with only a few small flower designs, however, in the case of thigh tattoo, one can get a large and soft flower design. Almost all flowers can be a tattoo design. One of the most popular designs is grapes which is tattooed from the leg all the way to the outer thigh; crossing each other. Unlike tribal tattoos, colors can be added to each flower design. Other than grapes, Hawaiian flowers, roses, lotus, cherry blossom, lily, etc. are also quite popular.

Bird Tattoos
It’s pretty surprising that bird tattoos are popular designs to be placed on your thigh. There are many bird tattoos that can be drawn on your thigh, starting from hummingbird until ostrich! Each bird tattoo has its own meaning, so learn about the meaning first before getting your tattoo. People who don’t like large tattoos can choose either sparrow or swallow, and for those who want large tattoos, they can choose colorful birds such as peacock for them.

Never make a tattoo and then forget about it. Maintaining your tattoo carefully is very important to make your tattoo lasts longer and to avoid infection. So now you know different designs for your thigh tattoo and you can get one real soon!


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