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Wrist Tattoos


Wrist tattoo is a popular tattoo for men and women who want to show off their tattoos. With its visibility, there are many beautiful designs that can be tattooed proudly. Be careful if your workplace prohibits visible tattoos because wrist tattoos cannot be hidden easily.

Wrist Tattoo Models

There are some types of tattoos that can be inked on wrist area:

  • A bracelet tattoo usually surrounds the wrist completely or at least following the upper curve and the side of the wrist. This model looks like the armband model; however it is placed around the wrist, not on the upper arm.
  • A tattoo on the upper part of the arm is usually the most visible one, and often can be lengthened towards the arm or hand. This tattoo has many sizes from tiny ones until large ones.
  • Inner wrist tattoo is also very popular, especially because it is not very visible compared to other tattoos. Some people also prefer choosing inner wrist tattoo because it is considered more interesting.

women wrist tattoosWrist Tattoo Ideas

The popularity of wrist tattoo has resulted in many interesting ideas to be tattooed on human skin. Women prefer bracelet tattoo to wrist tattoo, and choose images such as: flowers, Celtic knot bands, barbed wire, butterflies, birds, and vines.

Other popular images for wrist tattoos consist of: stars, compasses, words or phrases, names, initials, dates, heart, and starch.
Some unique designs to be considered are: wrist watch, bracelet, song lyrics, and divided words on two arms.

Warning about Wrist Tattoos

There are some things you need to consider before getting a wrist tattoo; regardless the style or image you choose. Remember that most workplaces with formal attire will not allow you to show your tattoo. If you are planning to wear a short sleeve or getting a tattoo on your arm; this may be a problem.

Getting an inner wrist tattoo is quite painful because there’s only little fat and muscle on this area. Because of the high mobility of this part, this tattoo can take longer to recover and require some touch up in certain parts.

Consider Carefully

Wrist tattoo is very popular choice for men and women. It can be a pleasing way in the art of ink and to display your personal style. Be careful because this location does not always suitable for workplace and make sure that you consider all the pros and cons before deciding the final design.


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